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My work spans two areas: psychosis and spirituality, and clinical psychology. Both draw on the research based Interacting Cognitive Subsystems model of cognition, and both seek to bring spirituality into centre stage, founding it in cognitive and other research and theory, and regarding it as a central part of what it means to be human.




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CHCC Mental Health Chaplains’ Annual Study Conference 2014
Journeying Outside the Walls
What lies beyond a traditional understanding of Spiritual Care?
High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire
Tuesday 2nd – Thursday 4th September 2014

 I will be addressing the: Wessex Psychotherapy Society on Wednesday 17th September 2014
from 7.30 - 9.00 p.m.  on:
Mindfulness and the balancing act of being human.
The need to create reflective space to consider the unhelpful patterns of relating and doing that cause distress and dysfunction,  is common to most therapeutic approaches.
As a psychologist, I am interested in what is going on here. Why do we so easily get tied up in these tangles? Why is being human so difficult?
As a therapist  working in severe mental health settings, and therefore with teams, I am interested to demystify therapy and spread psychological understanding of mental distress throughout the staff group – with the idea that all will feel confident to support the service user with psychological understandings  and coping skills.
 Mindfulness  is at the heart of all of these concerns.
More details:

Things Unseen Podcast.
Shamans and Sacraments: the meaning of rituals
This discussion can be viewed on:
(fourth item down on the page).
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
A shaman undergoing a ritual burial and a Catholic attending mass seem poles apart –
yet both rituals answer similar needs

The presenter for the programme is Jane Little. Contributors are a Catholic writer, Peter D Williams and Shamanic Practitioner, Nick Shaman, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Isabel Clarke. Wednesday, November 27, 2013



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